Community Evaluation Northern Ireland (CENI) is ceasing to exist as a going concern from 31.3.2020.

Our team prides itself on strong strategic thinking. Horizon scanning, deep reflection and future planning have helped us steer a successful course for over a quarter of a century. From 1992, CENI has worked with hundreds of charities as well as public sector departments to better align public policy and social need. We’ve created an archive of meaningful resources, freely available online, to help charities self-evaluate and improve their impact practice. We’ve managed UK wide partnerships and NI wide training programmes. We’ve led on multi-million bids to enhance governance infrastructure in N. Ireland, and proudly helped charities leverage additional investment against community identified needs.

Our work has helped charities big and small evaluate their successes, measure their impact and articulate their unique contribution to society. And peering into that horizon, we see big changes for N. Irish charities. Brexit has brought uncertainty; with wages stagnating where jobs are saved, people have less to give. Charities are reluctant to invest hard earned reserves when free tools can get them part way there and our training gets them across the line. Increased competition for funding, tenders, and business is driving down the market cost for consultants, while overheads rise.  Based on a thorough assessment of the risks and responsibilities, this decision has not been taken lightly: indeed, it has been made with deep regret, acknowledging the exceptional contributions made by the founders, staff, and supporters of the organisation over the past 27 years, and the impact of this outcome on all of them.

Looking forward, impact practice will remain important within the Sector, not only as a means of reflecting social value but also in supporting and demonstrating innovation and enterprise and developing a resilient third sector that delivers outcomes and benefits to our communities.  We’re pleased to announce that Community Development Health Network will carry on our work of Inspiring Impact in N. Ireland.

They can be contacted at;
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Address - Community Development & Health Network, 30A Mill Street, Newry, BT34 1EY
Telephone - 028 3026 4606
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