The Impact Practice Route Map presents the direction of travel, key actions and partnership opportunities for supporting an impactful and independent third sector.

In the summer of 2018, we held a series of seven conversations with people from the third sector, independent and public funders, to ask if promoting impact practice was still important and if so, what was now needed.

The answer was a resounding “Yes”

First, because at a time when there is no regional government, uncertain budgets, a new outcomes methodology underpinning all public funding, and the pinch of welfare reform and public spending cuts are increasing demand and reducing supply of services, third sector leaders need inspiration and support to generate the best outcomes possible for the people or cause they serve.

Second, because in a climate of contracts, cuts, compliance and control it is vital that third sector groups maintain their independence and demonstrate how this helps them create outcomes that are beyond the ability of the private or public sectors.

The conversations established four key capacities to develop by 2021 to support an independent and impactful third sector.

Instead of setting out definitive actions, the Route Map gives a menu of possible project areas that need to be co-designed and delivered by the sector itself. CENI is now seeking enthusiastic, optimistic and informed partners to help shape ideas, grab opportunities and make things happen.